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I've always had a deep interest in metaphysics and a curiosity about the unknown. I sensed from a very young age that there was more out there than what we can see, and it left me without answers to my curiosities for many years until I discovered Dolores Cannon and her work, and boom, there it was the explanations for my knowings and much more!


The very first book I read of Dolores’ was Five Lives Remembered, and I was instantly hooked on hearing past life regressions and began listening to many of her other books and lectures. All of the history and information she discovered really fascinated me, and it especially fascinated me that all of her information was retrieved from her clients during their hypnosis sessions. Not only was Dolores retrieving lost knowledge from her clients, but her sessions were helping to make miraculous differences in their lives by retrieving useful information about themselves and/or their Soul and its history.

​My journey to becoming a QHHT® practitioner began in April 2022 when I finally took the leap and signed up for level 1 training. After I completed that, I decided to take level 2 training while working on my internship, and I began regularly conducting sessions in October 2022 and completed my internship in January 2023 and officially became a Level 2 Practitioner!


If you’re interested in visiting the official QHHT® website or seeing my official QHHT® practitioner profile, please visit


To read more about QHHT® and Dolores Cannon's life and her work, please visit 

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