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How To Prepare For A Session

Not much is needed to prepare for your session except an open mind and to compose your list of questions! Every client is asked to bring with them a list of questions that I’ll use when we connect to the Subconscious. You may have noticed that I interchangeably use the words Subconscious and Higher Self, but they mean the same thing. You use what resonates with you, and if neither one of those resonate, you choose what does! I tend to interchangeably use both of them in conversation because I resonate with both. 


As far as what you can have on your list of questions, you can have anything at all on there! Anything that means anything to you, good or bad. There is no right or wrong to what you have on your list! It’s anything that means anything to you and that you would like to address or talk to your Subconscious or Higher Self about. Or any assistance you would like to ask for it to provide you with in addressing any physical discomfort or concerns with the body. It could be clarity or guidance that you're looking for in any area of your life, or it can be as simple as just curiosity questions about anything, really. 


Occasionally some people are concerned that they might not be able to go into a state of hypnosis very well, so I’d like to touch a little more on how this state of deep relaxation is achieved. The hypnosis portion is induced and carried out with the use of visualization, and visualization is an innate ability that we do not just turn on or off. We naturally do it without even thinking about it, just like when we are reading or hearing a story and automatically envision or create the image or scene in our minds while we are listening to it. Or like when you think about what your house looks like or when you think about a certain room in your house and you can see what it looks like or when you think back about a certain day or event and you can see it in your mind’s eye. That’s visualization, and it’s as easy and natural as that!    

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