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What To Expect During A Session

Authentic QHHT® sessions are conducted in person only and are on average about 5 hours from beginning to end. There is no set time. It just takes as long as it takes within reason. It seems like a long time to spend in a session, but the time goes by quickly and is completely utilized, but the session is also carried out with ease and flow. 


The session begins with a lengthy pre-talk about you, your life, and your intent for the session. We spend quite a bit of time here as I learn some important details that help me to facilitate the hypnosis portion the very best I can and to be able to ask the very best questions that I can as I guide you through the process and the exploration and connecting with your Higher Self.  


You are under hypnosis for roughly 2 to 2 ½ hours of the session. The hypnosis portion begins with a regression where we explore, discover, and look at what the Subconscious wants you to see, sense, feel or know. It always has a reason for what it shows the person, and it does a good job making sense of it, especially when we connect to the Higher Self and can ask all of the important questions. 


After the hypnosis portion ends, we’ll spend a little bit of time discussing how it went for you and what you experienced before you venture back into the world after having experienced a QHHT® session.


It is important to note that during the hypnosis portion, you are always in control of your body, mind and all the other parts of you. I want to be very clear about that! Due to stage hypnosis and what people have seen on TV, occasionally they have concerns about this, and I want to make it very clear that this technique and the use of hypnosis is only conducted with the highest integrity and respect, and it is only conducted under your complete consent, always. And you are always in control even when in the deepest level of trance. 


The hypnosis portion is recorded, so that you can listen back to the recording and continue to benefit from the session. Many people feel as if they remember everything afterwards, but they often do not. Or some of the information can fade a little like with our dreams, so it is suggested for the person to listen to the recording sometime in the first few days following the session, and then listen to it again any time in the future or when there is a desire to listen to it or if there is a need to revisit, to reaffirm, or to remember any part of the session. The person continues to benefit each time that they listen to the recording, so it is highly recommended for the person to listen to the recording at least once but encouraged to listen to it multiple times! I will email your recording to you within 24 hours of your session.  

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