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QHHT® stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠. It was developed by the late Dolores Cannon who was a pioneer in the field of hypnosis. QHHT® is a gateway to exploring consciousness, to accessing the Higher Self, and to finding the answers that lie within. With QHHT®, the list and possibilities are almost endless to how it can be of benefit. And it’s an amazing and powerful tool to remind us that we all have the power within each of us to help ourselves and to access our Higher Self and to completely transform any part of our lives with just a little guidance and assistance from the larger, most loving part of us! 


To induce a state of hypnosis, we use visualization to get the brain into a brainwave state of either Alpha, the lightest level of trance, or Theta, the deepest level of trance. We experience the brainwave state of Theta at least twice a day if you're sleeping, ha. It's the period right before we fall asleep and right before we wake up when you're not fully asleep but not fully awake. If you ever notice when you're starting to drift off to sleep, you might briefly notice when the sound is starting to shut out, you've relaxed nicely, and you're just about asleep but not completely. That's Theta. And when guided in this state during hypnosis, a person can explore an endless array of things such as past lives, past times and events in the current life, the future, the Spirit side, and many other realms and places, etc. It's just wherever the Subconscious wants to take the person to show them something that is of benefit to them. It is also here that you can access the vastness of consciousness and allow the Higher Self (also known as the Subconscious) to come through to answer questions, provide clarity, guidance, etc, and to assist the body with anything it may be in need of such as identifying and releasing trauma, energetic blockages, unprocessed emotions, etc, and to also provide the origination of and the why to why something is occurring in a person's life. It’s really about getting down to the root of where something originates and allowing the Higher Self to help in the very best way that it can to suggest and/or make a change in the person’s life and well-being at that moment and going forward.  


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